Cereal book report project

Cereal box book report rubric due date: march 29th 2012 4 3 2 1 neatness the cereal book is neatly displayed the cereal box has an attractive design and layout. 12112010 a few people have been asking for templates to help them with planning their book reports you can find them here: cereal book report template 1 cereal. Ready to try a different approach to the traditional book report your students will love the cereal box book report this packet has everything you need to get your.

cereal book report project

Parts of your cereal box report: cereal box book report checklist project was turned in on time front of my box: cereal name and picture connect to the book. Math project matter unit test milk cartons here you will find copies of all the papers that came home with your child today about the cereal box book report. Explore pam lee's board cereal box book report on pinterest | see more ideas about book reports, book reviews and cereal boxes. Book reports go from bland to brilliant when students are engaged in this fun-to-make project. Cereal box book report students will share their project by doing a 1-2 minute commercial for their cereal.

Book review cereal box project is ready for you to use with your students on any literature book they have read this book review is a fantastic activity to do as a. “cereal box” book report book title: date due: to be turned in no later than friday, january 31styou might want to do this project over the.

Cereal box book report you may read any book genre of your choice for this book report front of box: use a piece of white or light colored paper to cover the front. Cereal box book report over the next 4 weeks, students will read their self-selected chapter book (60+ pages) and create a cereal box book report at home.

Cereal box book report rubric - read more about cereal, summary, typed, includes, rubric and jseep.

Tudents really want to buy the cereal (read the book) use the following guidelines tanting the commercial. Cereal box book report - jones elementary school free download and preview, download free printable template samples in pdf, word and excel formats. Cereal box book report project due: monday, september 19, 2011 1 choose a book on which to report the book needs to be a just-right chapter book. Ready-to-go genre book reports a new cereal on students will need your guidance in selecting an appropriate project (for example, the comic strip report is.

07122011  in december of 2011, students in mr paradise's class prepared book reports on cereal boxes they had to name the cereal based on the theme of the book. Cereal box book project rubric revised cereal box book report this marking period's book report is to create a cereal box based on a realistic fiction book. Non-fiction cereal box project posted on: 3/11/2014 below are the guidelines for the march homework project non-fiction cereal box book report.

cereal book report project cereal book report project cereal book report project
Cereal book report project
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